Robert (Bob) Gibbs

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Robert (Bob) Gibbs

Postby phpadmin » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:20 pm

Service Number - R50387
Crossed the Bar - 15/11/2013 - 17:50
Age : 76 yrs

Bob served in the Communications Branch during his time in the RAN

Ships and Depots : Cerberus, Harman, Quickmatch, Melville, Watson.

Noel PAYNE has informed us that one of our founding members of the FESR Navy Association, Bob GIBBS passed away at the Free Masons Palliative Care facility in
Hobart on the 15th November 2013 at 1750 hours.

Bob was well cared for in the Free Masons Home for Palliative care; Cathy (Catherine) is in the same aged facility.
I would urge members to reflect on the work Bob did for all of us…as I said at tweed Heads address :
"Admiral Peek, Admiral Hudson, Bob Gibbs, Dr Carroll and Roger deLisle were the main game in FESR".

Funeral Service Details -
Service at Graeme Family Funerals,
Risdon Road,
Newtown, Tas.
1300 hrs Monday 25th November.

Farewell shipmate and may you have fair winds and smooth seas on your final voyage.

Les Sheehan

-- If anyone is able to help with a photo of Bob in rig please forward a copy in email to me (Les Webmaster) ---
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