Frank Fox

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Frank Fox

Postby phpadmin » Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:01 pm

This is a very difficult and sad entry I make today regarding an old shipmate, Frank Fox.

Frank crossed the bar yesterday (14th Feb 2016) in the evening after losing the battle to Mesothelioma.
Many would have viewed my entry in the sick bay recently re Frank.

This news came as quite a shock to me as we had a planned BBQ meeting when he returned from Vietnam but alas it cannot be.

Frank and wife Judith lived on Bribie Island where he and Judith were avid lawn bowls players and they enjoyed travelling to play in competition with other clubs.

I pass along my sincere and deepest sympathy to Frank's wife, Judith and family over this very sad loss of a loved one and a long time mate.

Frank joined the RAN in 1958 for 9 years as a Birdie Elect so done most of his time at HMAS Albatross and on HMAS Melbourne.
Frank was born in Brisbane in July 1939 and enlisted in the RAN from Brisbane in 1958.
o/n R54353
Frank crossed the bar 14 Feb 2016 Age 76 yrs after losing the battle with Mesothelioma

Ships : Cerberus, Albatross, Melbourne, Harman. Several drafts to Albatross and Melbourne.

Service information will be posted as soon as is known.

Frank's request was for a private service and a wake has been organised for Frank at the Solander Bowls Club on the 10th March at 2.00pm.

Frank Fox.jpg
Frank Fox 1958
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Wreath Cross

May your last flight be smooth across clear skies to Heaven

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