FESR Membership Application/Renewal

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FESR Membership Application/Renewal

Postby phpadmin » Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:31 am

Hello and welcome.

If you are not a Financial Member of FESR and considering becoming a member then please access the "Membership" menu of the main Website (http://www.fesrnavy.asn.au) and download, print the application form or complete the on-line form.

If you are a Financial Member and unable to access the restricted menus due to no ID/PW then please contact me (Les - Webmaster) to obtain access. This will require some verification by E-mail and may result in my need to communicate with the respective State Secretary or President for confirmation as my reference database may not be fully up to date.

All currently serving members and ex members of the RAN or RNZN are very welcome to become Financial Members of FESR. Membership provides additional services via the Restricted Menus and access to regular News Letters.

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