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Welcome to the national website of the FESR, a non-profit association built on the camaraderie of naval mateship.  Our initial aim was to ensure full recognition and equality for naval veterans and their families.  After years of persistent campaigning, success has been achieved in a number of key areas.  This is largely due to the joint efforts of the FESR executive, committee, members and like associations.  However, as with any measure of success, limits are inevitable and as such there is still much to accomplish.

The FESR Navy Association of Australia continues to promote and maintain public and political recognition; we aim to unite and support those who served in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN); and we endeavour to foster and preserve the military traditions and associated history of the Far East Strategic Reserve.

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Eligibility for Ordinary Membership of the Association shall be those former personnel of the Australian and New Zealand navies who served in the Far East Strategic Reserve between 2nd.. July, 1955 and 30th. October, 1971.  State Division Executives, however, may deem eligible for ordinary membership any other serving or ex-serving member of the Australian, New Zealand and Royal Navies;

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